Multiple key elements should be considered when you are trying to improve your rankings on Google one of the most important elements to rank higher is on-page SEO.

This ranking factor is strongly considered by Google algorithm and it seems that it will be considered for as long as SEO continues.

To put it in simple terms on-page SEO means changes are done within your website, often times to improve user experience in every single way and also to make it easy for crawlers like Google to let them know what your website or post is all about.

Very Important:

One thing to keep in mind here is that on-page SEO is essential for any website this is a MUST DO no matter what you do no matter what your business is all about. So keep reading to find more on how this will bring more business, customers, leads, orders, etc. to your website.

I will write down the most common techniques you can implement right away, you will need some level of basic skills to use these techniques and implement them in your website or you could hire us for SEO 😉 to do the job for you this will include a free audition of your website first.

Anyways, please try to implement every single point that is listed below because is very crucial for the success of your site:

I want to make a piece of quick advice here e-commerce site has obviously a different strategy for content and for some items

On-Page SEO Tools:

We are going to be using some plugins, programs, and sites to help us in this process.


We are going to be using my favorite and fastest browser “brave” please download it from here:


Full Page Screen Capture

IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating


Improve your UX (User Experience)

User experience covers many on-page SEO improvements we will discuss today. Our whole focus here should be to deliver the best experience to our users by doing that we achieve a couple of things:

-People will get exactly what they are looking for.

-We will reduce bounce rates.

-We will improve our rankings.

-We will make our users trust us.

Now we will talk about the changes we can make to our website to improve our user’s experience; we will then discuss every single one of them in more details so don’t worry:

-Website Optimization.

    Site Speed.

    Fixing Technical Issues.

-Engaging and High-Quality Content.

    Image Optimization

    Content Easy to Share and Link Back.

    Multimedia Content.

-Responsive Design

-Decrease Bounce Rates.

We want our users to have the WOW experience whenever they are browsing our website.

Website Optimization

Site Speed

In 2010 giving better rankings for speed was only consider for desktop but
now in 2018 better rankings for speed will also applied for mobile traffic.

Now this is a crucial ranking factor and in some cases, it has to do with hosting provider, I have made a list of hosting providers for all budgets here if you want to take a look and compare prices.

There are still some changes we can make in the website to make it load faster. Below you fill the most common changes I usually make to websites that I recommend you to follow:


The firts cat image is 324 KB resolution is 1920×1280
The second cat image is 36 KB resolution is 720×480
Cat Photoshop
Most of them also don’t need to be 100% quality.

Images can be resized; this is a common mistake many people make especially when they write an article (even e-commerce websites) and just upload multiple pictures within the content most pictures need to be resized and optimized to have the best quality at the minimum size.

Fixing the Source Code

Now when it comes to the source code, there are many changes we can make to improve the speed of our website sometimes there are some unnecessary pieces of codes or Javascript or Jquery or similar code that we don’t really need and it slows down our website.

From time to time whenever I work for some clients especially new clients who were working with some shady SEO business before, some of them will be using hacked themes WTF!!! And then I will take a look at the code and most of the time, there will be code that shouldn’t be there (multiple backlinks pointing at different websites) that hackers do whenever they give you the free theme they will add a “gift” and create a “backdoor” to insert later on backlinks for their own purpose.

Now, this is extremely huge, I haven’t seen too many people talk about, just by removing those malicious backlinks right away you will get better rankings 100% sure. (Of course, is recommended to change the theme right away in such cases)

Removing Unneeded Plugins

Most of us use WordPress, sometimes we forget to uninstall plugins in our blog that is no longer needed, so just taking them out could improve some speed in your website.

Now honestly the best solution is usually to change your hosting provider to a much faster one I have created a list of hosting providers I recommend if you are ready to buy or compare them.

There are many other micro-changes you can do similar to the ones mention above that I write and mention from time to time casually in some of my other articles, nonetheless keep reading this, please.

Engaging and High-Quality Content

Thus far we’ve been talking about what will work for most sites, now when it comes to content this is more applicable to blogs, news or any kind of informational website (e-commerce blogs, business blogs, etc.) for e-commerce products itself or selling services sometimes there is a slightly different approach we will be discussing in another article.

Now great content is always a must do, otherwise don’t even bother adding a new page, it has to be well written and provide exactly what users are looking for. It is more than obvious what you will get when you spend time and write outstanding content. One of them is whoever reads this content will usually share it on social media or link back to you because of the time or effort spent on it (as I’m sure people who are reading this are doing this as soon as they’re done reading:).

Long Content

If you are writing informational content it has to be long content, the days of thin content are long gone, there is no official number on how many words you should write but approximate more than 1500 should be just fine.

Social Shares

Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin are still the king when it comes to social platforms.
Google Plus will be officialy dead in April 2019

Once we have a very good content we want people to do the job and share our page, make it very easy for people to share your content.

Multimedia Content

There is another way to optimize content which is to include multimedia within, in this whole thread you should see I have included some of this:

Now we have to be careful here we don’t want people to go and visit something else this is usually the problem when you embed YouTube videos, for example, some people will click on it and then get lost on YouTube or somewhere else.

If you are going to quote another site I usually prefer to add an image and then add the source below linking back to the website so they don’t jump to another site and stay reading the content in my website. See sample below:

The ideal thing will be to add interactive content but making sure people will not jump to other sites so you could upload videos to your own hosting and then just share it in your piece.

Responsive Design

reponsive design

Your website has to be compatible with all sort of devices: mobile, tablets, PC, etc. This is another important ranking factor. Google takes this factor seriously.

Keep in mind by the way that most purchases are done with mobile devices, way much more than PC this happened years ago.

Adapt or die.

 Let’s talk now other changes you can make in your website to boost your rankings, keep going:

Secure Your Website with HTTPS

This is what your users will see when browsing
any site using HTTP and submit any information.

This is what your users will see when
browsing any site using HTTP.
This is what users will see when are browsing
any site using HTTPS and also submit any information.

If your site is not yet HTTPS yet, you need to change this right away, Google themselves admitted this also plays a role in ranking websites and showing websites in better positions.

If you have HTTP chrome puts an ugly “NOT SECURE” message in the browser. It is easy for people to steal private and secured information and Google wants to avoid that by forcing websites to use it.

SEO-friendly URL

Oftentimes simple is better. Make it short and easy to describe what the content will be all about.

Not just search engines love this but also when people are sharing our link in social media websites, for example, people without getting to the content itself just because of the link and with some previous description can predict what the content will be all about.

Make sure to include that keyword you are trying to rank in your URL.

Headers Tags

Obviously, headers work in the same way as it does in print papers, but is not just that, headers also help crawlers to classified and understand better your content.

Sometimes people want just to scan the entire website and see whether or not the content is right for them (please don’t do this hereL, keep reading) a similar approach is done by robots. So headers are important whenever you write an article don’t just make the letters bigger or smaller you need to use the proper tags whenever they are needed.

H1 tag

It is recommended to use only one H1 per page and to include the keyword you are trying to rank for there.

30 to 60 characters should be just fine for a title.

H2 tag

H3 to H6 tags

In this image, you can see how headers work.

Image Formatting

Although nowadays Google knows and can recognize pictures almost with human level (Jesus where are we going with this technology), but some other robots from other search engines that are not as powerful as Google may need help and also there are some complicated images Google still can’t know for instance Infographics the bot may not know what this image is all about and we need to help it.

It is quite important to let search engines know what your image is about:

Renaming your image like this:

And also adding ALT tag will help:

In general, make it very easy for Google to grab your content and you will get good rankings you will see below what other formattings are also important:

screenshots of samples

Internal and Outbound links

You have to create internal links to other pages on your website similar to what Wikipedia does with its website.

Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions

??? It is amazing how some people still consider Meta keywords as a ranking factor.

In 2009 Google makes it very clear Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions does not influence rankings.

See image

How about Meta Descriptions, Then?

Meta description is still used by most websites, even though Google specified It does not use it for ranking, then why some TOP SEO websites still use it?

I will still recommend you to use it because most platforms (bookmarks, social sites, other search engines, directories, etc.) still rely on these descriptions whenever someone is trying to share it in their platform, their robots sometimes scrape this data and use it.

But technically speaking they don’t impact Google rankings directly so that’s why I did not talk too much about this. But that is not the whole point of the article. Just direct changes that do impact Google rankings.

I will be writing another article about SEO myth very soon.