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If you are looking for someone who can handle this I’m your guy. Stop spending money and wasting time and let someone who knows this handle your facebook ads and make you profit. Full set-up and optimization for your facebook ads.

Answers to Your Questions

Is Facebook Marketing Needed for my Business?

Facebook marketing is needed for all online business, it is one of the best tools we have to get clients.

Is there a setup fee?

Not at all. The only payment is the monthly payment. 

Can I white lable your service?

Yes you can hire my service too, but keep in mind  I will not have direct access to your clients so I will just ask you.

Is there a minimum budget I should have for this service?

There is a minimal monthly Facebook budget of $200 per month. A budget of at least $300 per month is recommended.

Do you need access to my Facebook account?

No. We only need access to your Facebook business and ads manager.  We will not have any access to card details or your personal account.


Ulysses performed an excellent job! The communication was outstanding, and the ads themselves were creative and compelling. He delivered a terrific job promptly and earlier than expected and we are seeing engagement on our site. Also, he leaves a list of tips at the end of the service -we look forward to ordering again for another month.

Nicole Lopez

Restaurant Owner, Focal Inc

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If you are ready now you can just place your order but if you still have questions do not hesitate to contact me or find out more information.

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