Getting traffic to your Facebook page is one of the main reasons you are creating your fan page in the first place. If people are looking for your business on Facebook or even when someone Googles it, it is quite easy to set it up and make it friendly for people and search engines to find you online.

Also, the tools that Facebook has on its platform make it easy to create conversions or interact with potential customers.

Without wasting more time let’s get into the optimization part.

Creating a Facebook Page

Which one to choose?

Business or Brand:

To make it simple if you have a physical address for your businesses (restaurant, GYM, SPA, etc.) or services in most cases this will be the option you have to select.

Community or Public figure:

This is more for personal business or you are looking to get your name out there: blogger, coaches, speakers, etc. Also if you have a book or a TV show again not a physical place to go to.

If you are still not so sure; when you select “get started” you will be given more options that will make it even easier to know which one is better for your business.

 Updating Your Business Information

If you have a restaurant you will see some of the text you see below depending on the kind of business you will be given different options.

Writing all your business information will help people make it much easy to find you in this platform, make sure all your info is properly set up and is always up to date so you don’t create problems in consumers when they are trying to reach you either physically or by phone.

Google also loves when businesses filled out all their info, so you will also rank in search engines for the information used.

Create a call to Action Button

This button goes at the top of the Facebook fan page, having a “call to action” button in your site creates more traffic to your website, plus it increases the number of conversions for your site. Below you can see the buttons you are allowed to use on its platform pick the one that best fits your criteria:

Backlinks for your Facebook Page

Creating backlinks is always a good sign to send to our Facebook page to make it rank on Google so whenever you can get some backlinks from sites and spread your Facebook link is a good thing in terms of ranking your page.

Customize your URL

Setting up a friendly URL is needed to make your brand much easy to get recognition and also when people are looking for your business this personalization of the URL will make it easy to remember.

Customize Your Tabs

You can add more tabs not just the ones that are already prebuilt with Facebook.

Having more Tabs in your page increase the attention from your potential prospects and makes them more likely to browse around and spend more time and know more about your brand in the process.

Go ahead and add more custom tabs

About Section

The about section is one the most used tabs, so treat it with the importance it deserves.

This is the section where we have to write in deep details what our business is all about so try to describe and mention all the relevant and important parts of your business.

I’m going to make it easier to do this if you follow some criteria:


Remember to also use keywords, some unique features of your business or words that you consider could be of relevance, so there could be some keywords that people may use when they are trying to look for you either on Facebook or Google so writing them down in your about section will make it more searchable.

What is special about your business?

For example, if your business is known for a particular “nickname” write it down or if your live close a very popular place write it down whatever you think is special about your business (although most people think everything is special about them J their business included) but hopefully you get the point.


Enable your Reviews

This feature is also a great one it gives more credibility to your business and also more transparency from people who already used your services or buy your products, etc.

Honestly, most people before using services or buying online will often time check reviews and positive and especially negative feedback, here you can check how to deal with negative feedbacks, based on this they will make a decision to go with it or not.

Also, remember the moment you enable this feature to always ask clients for reviews, we have to ask them to give us some reviews, this is another important factor when getting new clients online.

 Cover and Profile

Right now, video is quite hot so if you could grab a video and display it on your cover section that would be awesome but otherwise just add an image there that reflects what your business is about in the case of the profile just a brand logo or the best representation for your business.

One tip I would like to give here is always to make sure how well your cover photo or video looks on mobile phones, tablets and desktops, keep in mind these devices have different dimensions and you always want to make sure to test your cover in all these devices.

Activate Facebook Messenger

Have you heard about bots, well this is one of the reasons you would want to have one in your page. Activating Facebook messenger in your pages will allow for example for people who are visiting your page to interact with them even though you may not be around.

-Common questions

Times when your business may be open.

Address or Prices, etc.

Facebook Messenger is a must have tool for your business.

I think this is it for this topic please give me your opinions and whatever you like from this.