Getting more people to follow us and engage with our content is a hard task due to the amount of competition there is out there, having tools help us in this process and makes this much easier.

Without content your account is nothing, creating content takes a lot of time, but online marketing requires to put a little bit more effort, so just posting content is not enough, we have to make our content look better and improve the quality of our work. Most of the tools below will help us to do this. 


Canva is a tool that almost everybody likes. It is quite easy to use and it does not require graphic design skills, here you can customize your images and look like a professional graphic designer with very little experience. Forget about spending time or even money, this is very easy to use.

When it comes to Instagram canva is used for stories and also for posts, improving your images or creating completely new images that look like if a PRO would have designed them. 

There are many templates to pick from. So you pick up your favorite, let’s say the first one at the top in this case.

And Done!

Keep in mind Canva is not just built for Instagram but you can also use it for Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts where you post some graphical.


This tool is used mainly for scheduling posting for social media in general. This is cool when you do a lot of posting and very often at least in my case I will need to post content to these networks, so I will do the work first and then schedule the whole thing and post my content in different days to feed my networks. 

This is the kind of thing one does when you just want to work one day or a couple of days and then schedule the whole thing, If you hire someone else to create posts or content this is still great for you, once he is done you schedule the whole thing or ask him to do it.

Take a look at the cool screenshot I put for you below to see other features of this tool:


This is similar to Hootsuite you can manage your Instagram from this platform too and there are also other features within this tool too, besides just scheduling posts. It also allows you to track your account (likes, followers, etc), comments tracking.

You have to compare prices and features both have trial versions and also the description is pretty clear I will post the screenshots below :


This baby is used by a lot of marketers and the public, in general, you can track everything without even login to any account or connecting anything.

This tool is used for a fast scan and is not just for Instagram only but is also used for other social platforms, almost everyone uses it and loves this tool.

Here is a quick scan on Kylie Jenner account, as you can see, this is a monster account:

You just copy and paste the link and BOOM  you get all this data you can see how active the account is and how many followers they are winning or losing every day.


The use of hashtags is needed to get more exposure, there are different tools that can give us suggestions and recommendations on hashtags.

Now honestly if this is the first time you are doing this or just have one account there is no need to use hashtag tools. But if you are doing this quite often or you are managing multiple accounts you definitely need to take a look at the tools below, so keep reading 🙂


This is a free tool I use it quite often, look at this baby If you just type #labrador you get all of this:

I just love it; Look at this :

Good suggestions.

If you want to go more PRO there are two good alternatives:


The first one has a more friendly user interface. I will leave the video below is quite easy to follow and understand, you get one hashtag and you can keep getting more suggestion for different hashtags and you can go deep in this, please take a look at the video + it has a viral content grabber so you get to know which are the most viral content right now + it  does the same that the second tool. 


I like this more but the price is more expensive. I mean you have tokens here which sucks you get unlimited searches if you paid around 30 bucks.

This is not as user-friendly fancy as the other one but you can get as many keywords as you want, so unlimited keywords.

Personal Accounts

This is going to be very brief if you are running personal accounts then these tools below may be useful for you, these are apps so you can do this on the fly no need to edit this on your PC or know anything about photoshop or any other fancy video edition software.


This tool is used a lot by top Instagram influencers out there. It helps you to add filters to your pictures, improve colors, saturation, contrast, etc.

It does not completely distort your image as many other apps do, this has a more professional touch.

As you can see in the image above there are many tools to help you improve your image.

Here you can see some samples :


This is another cool tool created by Instagram, it gets integrated into the app when you install it. This tool allows you to create short videos that will play backward and forward in a loop. Check out the samples below to see how cool this is:

Not Recommended:


I see many people using it, personally, I will not recommend using linktree, this is a page where you can set up different links to different places and then people can decide where to go, so you can add your youtube link, your twitter link, your articles, etc. 

A couple of things first you can accomplish everything that I just mention on your own site. Without the need of a middle man. You can do exactly the same with the same design and own the whole thing. You can also track everything in analytics or even with your own favorite tracker.

 The problem I see with this is, imagine you get your linktree banned or something happens to this site (server goes down) you lose money and time. I just never like this whole idea of a middle man. Although I occasionally use bitly, but I’m not a fan of this in general.