In this section you can find some testimonials from clients that eventually became my friends .

Matthew Shuebrook

Matt is another friend. I did so many funnels for him and he works closely with the TOP affiliates on ClickBank. I set up and build myself the funnels, so landing pages, upsells, downsells, etc.

Plus way much online work. Web design, graphic design, translations, coding, SEO, etc.

I work for him for at least 3 years I think.

He has plenty of sites where he either is an affiliate working together with top Clickbank sellers or he owns the site. We translated a great number of top Clickbank sites into Spanish in direct contact with these sellers.


As a head of the company you need to be able to trust your employees and know every single task will be done (hopefully) before its deadline, to keep growing and achieving your goals. And I’m glad to say I could always trust Ulises with that. He worked for my company for 2+ years, and every single day he delivered his best results. Always on point. Always within schedule. He helped manage the web design department like a rock star, giving every task that extra step it needs to be just perfect. It was a pleasure to work with Ulises, and it has made me proud to see how much he has grown over the years, right as I was able to see my company grow due to his team work. Thank you Ulises!.

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I also wanted to say that your idea for increasing our speed with ordering images was a GREAT idea. So I wanted to tell you “Great job!”….

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Web Design

I work doing all the web design part for Clickbank products.

Funnel Creation

Most of the funnels were created, translated and edited from English to Spanish .


I work on any programming needed on the sales letters on Clickbank products. (retention, APIs , etc)

Ruben Ruiz

I work for a few months up to this day (not as frequent as before though 🙂 ) with Ruben and for his company have a good relationship with him, we worked mainly on SEO projects.

Proven Results

Hi Ulysses. Great work with the Atak website SEO, I appreciate your thoroughness more than you know. There is no need to work on that site anymore. I have turned in a completed work report to  client. Again, great work.
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Proven Results

You are super competent with your SEO and I love that you’re my go-to for that. What other work are you confident in doing?…

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Website Optimization

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Denis Balitskiy

Denis Balitskiy is another friend of mine who I used to work for, we may have worked together for at least 6 – 7 years (up to this day for minor programming tasks) doing all sort of online digital services:

Web Design

I work with him not just on some of his main web design but also on some Clickbank design sites (he was Matt’s partner).

Graphic Design

I have done web design work for Denis for different projects ranging from infographics, banners, ecovers , buttons , thumbnails, etc.

Email Technical Jobs

Most of the email jobs I did for him were customer service related, a lot of programming, fixing funnels and technical related gigs.

SEO and Marketing

Basic SEO to some of the content he had on his website and on some pages when it comes to marketing I learn more from him.


I did a lot of programming for Denis for most projects whether it be for Clickbank or his main websites (email scripts, API’s connections and much more).

Video Edition

I created many projects the big ones using whiteboard software (VideoScribe) and the others after-effects and Camtasia in combination with powerpoint and other basic tools.

Clickbank Project

He was Matthew Shuebrook’s partner and he also had ClickBank projects, I did most of the web design for most of these pages.


This is exactly how I met Denis for the first time, doing some translation work for him

3D editions

I did a lot of 3D animations for a fitness program he had and created and render tens of 3D animation videos.


I’ve been working with Ulises for years. At first it was one little translation project, then another little job… then another one. All jobs were different (some coding, video editing, design, 3d animations, etc.), yet he came out with impressive results in a short amount of time and even added creative ideas during the process. This led us into a full-time relationship, and I can’t speak high enough about him.

Ulises grew with the company. He worked on many of our video projects (he even produced a full-length hand drawn video sales letter). He solved code issues, migrated complete websites, managed WordPress and our custom CRM. He had access to many of our systems, and always has been very responsible with every task.

There were some times I had an issue and didn’t know how to approach it, so I just had to ask him how would he solve it. Other times he didn’t know the answer so he honestly replied about it and we would look for a solution together. But above all, he is a guy who solves problems. He doesn’t create them. I will work again with him any day.


Denis Balitskiy

Marketing Expert, Revolucionsalud.com

Matthew Upton

I work for Matthew for a few months and for his company have a good relationship with him up to this day, we worked mainly on Web Design and technical related gigs.

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